Psychological Associate

Vickie Holmes, Psy.D.

I have a strong background in psychodiagnostic testing and neurofeedback. Psychodiagnostic assessments and evaluations allow me to identify the presence of developmental and/or other mental health disorders that may be causing functional impairments in clients. Once the assessment process is complete, the results provide valuable information that can be used to help clients heal and improve their functioning; both young and old. I utilize neurofeedback in the treatment of various diagnoses, including trauma disorders, ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders. My therapeutic approach is rooted in psychodynamic and rational emotive behavior therapy principles.

Background: I received my Psy.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in family, children, and couples, from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. I have worked in community mental health agencies for the past 15 years. My pre-doctoral training was at Community Services Institute, conducting psychodiagnostic assessments to provide diagnostic clarification, inform therapy treatment decisions, determine the impact of trauma on functioning, identify personality abnormalities, identify learning disabilities and to identify any cognitive or memory deficits present. I also utilized neurofeedback to treat mental health diagnoses including trauma, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. Lastly, I provided individual, family, and martial therapy addressing mental health challenges that were impacting client’s functioning in several life domains.

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