Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment

Downtown Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Torrance Psychologists and Psychiatrists

How Do I Begin?

We now offer telehealth sessions for both therapy and psychiatry services. Please contact us by email or by calling 424-201-1600, x1.

Office Safety Precautions in Effect During the Pandemic

Crossroads is taking the following precautions to protect our patients and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
• Office seating in the waiting room and in therapy/testing rooms has been arranged for appropriate physical distancing.
• All of our staff wear masks and maintain safe distancing.
• Restroom soap dispensers are maintained and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands.
• Hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is available in the therapy/testing rooms and the waiting room.
• We schedule appointments at specific intervals to minimize the number of people in the waiting room.
• We ask all patients to wait in their cars or outside until no earlier than 5 minutes before their appointment times.
• To minimize transmission of virus, all payments must be made by credit card prior to the appointment or by providing a pre-written check.
• Physical contact is not permitted.
• Tissues and trash bins are easily accessed. Trash is disposed of on a frequent basis.
• Common areas are disinfected throughout the day.


Crossroads Institute for Psychotherapy and Assessment is an organization of psychologists and psychiatrists with a common goal of providing comprehensive expert psychological mental health services. Our Mission at Crossroads Institute is to provide a dynamic and enriching environment for our team of psychologists and psychiatrists to offer individuals and families enduring, lifelong changes to encourage happiness and satisfying relationships.

Psychologists are trained as both scientists in understanding human behavior and practitioners in creatively applying the knowledge to individual circumstances. Psychologists are also uniquely trained in formal psychological assessment methods that allow for a deeper understanding of issues and concerns from multiple perspectives, and we offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for all ages and concerns. With addition of highly qualified and caring psychiatrists, we aim to provide seamless care to our clients who need medication support. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional expertise and human compassion for issues and concerns that arise in the course of our lives. At Crossroads Institute, we believe that quality psychotherapeutic mental health treatment can lead to changes that are enriching and enduring, leading to lifelong patterns that encourage happiness and satisfying relationships for our clients. The unifying principles that underlie our psychotherapy treatment are the importance of understanding the patterns that lead to distress and dysfunction, and understanding the important role that our emotions play in our thoughts and behaviors.

A message from Soni Kim Monroe, Psy.D, Crossroads Institute Director

“We consult with each other on a regular basis so that you are able to benefit from our collective expertise and experience and we make sure that we stay sharp clinically to provide the best service we can for you.

We have offices in Downtown Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Torrance and I look forward to meeting you in person.”

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