Licensed Psychologist

Kim Lorine, Ph.D.

Therapeutic Approach: There is nothing wrong with you. We all have wounds and scars from our childhood. Left unexamined, we unknowingly follow narratives learned from our family of origin and the society and culture in which we grew up. Oftentimes themes related to beliefs, fears, and wishes from our early relationships show up in our present interactions with others.

Our bodies hold onto our lifelong experiences – both enriching and wounding. The emotions we experience have a physical felt sense in our bodies and are wise messages, showing us what is missing in our lives, as well as indicating what helps us thrive. My work focuses on bringing the mind-body relationship into harmony by exploring early experiences where limiting beliefs were imprinted, then working with you to develop more adaptive beliefs.

Therapy is not intended to pathologize who you are or your behaviors. There is nothing wrong with you. Therapy is a space where I foster the personal growth of each individual to heal these wounds. I believe that within each of us lives our true essence, an internal sense of wisdom that has always known what we need for balance. When left unexamined, our inner sense of self is obscured by stories from others of expectations they have for us and ideas of what we should and/or shouldn’t do.

Through the therapeutic relationship, we will work together to understand the messages you have heard throughout your life. Together we will reconnect with your resilient and innate self and allow space for you to thrive. While I may not have experienced all the life moments you have, I will strive to meet you where you are to guide you to live the life that you volitionally choose instead of following the narratives of others.

My therapeutic approach is influenced by Psychodynamic-Attachment psychotherapy theories. I completed specialized trauma-informed training in somatic therapy through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute as well as EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I am also a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator through the University of California, Los Angeles Mindfulness Awareness Research Center.

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