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Kim Brounstein, AMFT

Therapeutic Approach: Hello and welcome in. My belief in therapy is simple. Let’s get to the root of things and see what happens. I emphasize creating a solid and trusting relationship between myself and my clients. From this place, we will explore the deeper layers of who you are, spanning your entire life, and connecting past experiences to present-day challenges and concerns. I find psychodynamic psychotherapy particularly helpful to do this work, and may also weave in elements of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and existential psychology. I also offer practical tools for navigating daily life using mindfulness and other contemplative practices. This integrative approach feels most appropriate in helping my clients face the uncertainties of an ever-changing modern world. Simultaneously, I seek to hold the container to explore your inner world. Through this exploration, comes greater wisdom, self-awareness, and a capacity to tolerate the fullest range of human emotions. In this process together, I will bring immense value to your cultural uniqueness, the systems you live in, and all of the experiences that make you who you are. 

Background: I completed my M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2024. My studies there focused on the intersection between psychology and ecology, exploring how mental health and environmental health are intrinsically linked together. My in-school internship was completed at the Pelican Cove Counseling Center, a community mental health organization offering psychodynamic psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. Certified as a Death Doula in 2020, I’m also passionate about normalizing end-of-life fears and education through an existential framework to help people find greater meaning and purpose. I hold certifications from the Institute for Relational Intimacy for folks working with ethical nonmonogamous relationships and from the NEST Center for Harm Reduction, receiving training in best clinical practices for substance use. Before becoming a therapist, I spent a decade producing yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness content for digital platforms. 

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