Licensed Psychologist

Susan Lok, Psy.D.

Therapeutic Approach: The therapeutic relationship is sacred, which I hold firmly as a key ingredient in the healing process. Whether I am working with a child or an adult, I believe that growth comes from forming a trusting relationship with the therapist that can become a template for new ways of forming relationships with oneself and with others. In working with children, I foster trust, creativity, and vulnerability through play, compassion, and curiosity. I believe that children respond well to warmth and structure, and it is in this holding environment that growth occurs. Similarly, the relationships and experiences that we have as children are carried with us into adulthood. As such, I use a variety of approaches as best fits client needs to address relational patterns, difficult life transitions, cultural issues, and other stressors.

Background: I received my doctorate in clinical psychology at Adler University in Chicago, Illinois. In my training, I have worked primarily with children, adolescents, and their adult family members who struggle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and autism in a variety of settings. Such settings include community mental health, school-based counseling, and psychiatric inpatient hospitals.

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