In 2021, we partnered with Dr. Michael Linden and his team from Attention Learning Center to provide Neurofeedback and Biofeedback services. These services focus on modifying your brainwaves to effect changes in your emotions and behaviors. Crossroads Institute is unique in that we provide brain training services in the context of a full suite of mental health services, so you can be confident in knowing that you are receiving services that are appropriate for your concerns.

Brain training is typically considered to be an alternative to medication-based treatment for a variety of conditions, such as severe anxiety, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Brain training services can also be adjunctive to medication services in cases where a full symptom relief cannot be obtained based on medication and/or psychotherapy alone. We provide qEEG-based Neurofeedback treatment, which is best supported by research on efficacy, and Biofeedback, which is proven to be effective in anxiety management.

how does neurofeedback therapy work?

During a neurofeedback session, electrode sensors are placed on your scalp. These sensors read the electrical signals produced by the brain and transmit them to a computer.

Depending on the treatment plan, patients are asked to finish different tasks. Our neurofeedback experts monitor your brainwaves and set up targeted activities.

Patients get to see a visual representation as their brainwaves change in real time as they conduct various tasks.

This instantaneous feedback helps the brain learn, on a subconscious level, what it needs to do to achieve various tasks. Over time, your brain figures out how to develop and sustain the helpful brainwave patterns — and promote healthier thoughts and behaviors.

As your brain continues to subconsciously practice efficiency, coordination, and balance, brainwaves gradually improve and get better at controlling thoughts and actions. Like any new skill, neurofeedback therapy works over time, through reinforcement and repetition.

what are the typical benefits of neurofeedback therapy?

Each case and patient is unique but our patients have reported enhanced memory and focus, decreased impulsivity and anxiety, better mental clarity, more restful sleep, improved mood, and a host of other benefits after using neurofeedback without side effects!

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