Psychological Associate

Kristin Lee, Psy.D.

Therapeutic Approach: Therapy is a unique opportunity to explore and process ideas and emotions related to various personal, professional, and relational issues, as well as a place where those thoughts and feelings can evolve. Central to my role as a therapist is working toward forming a strong, collaborative therapeutic relationship with my clients. While therapy can be incredibly rewarding and a means to develop insight about one’s patterns of interacting with the world and oneself, it can also spark powerful emotional experiences. Above all, I seek to provide a safe, empathic, and non-judgmental space for individuals to develop strategies to understand the interaction between their early relationships with others, culture, and environmental factors, and work toward addressing their emotional barriers. I draw from various therapeutic orientations, such as psychodynamic, solution-focused, or behavioral in order to tailor the therapeutic experience to each client’s specific needs. I thrive in working with diverse issues including, but not limited to: anxiety, mood disorders, complex trauma, substance abuse, and addressing concerns related to sexual identity and/or gender identity in an affirming manner.

Background: I received my Psy.D. in clinical psychology from the APA-accredited California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles with an emphasis in Multicultural Community-Clinical Psychology. I completed my Bachelor of Arts at Mount Holyoke College with a major in Biology and a minor in Psychology. I have experience conducting therapy with diverse populations in a variety of community mental health settings. I have worked with adults, older adults, adolescents, and children. I completed my pre-doctoral training at the Los Angeles LGBT Center; WISE and Healthy Aging; and Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. I am currently working as a psychological assistant and accruing hours toward licensure as a psychologist.

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