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Dana Takamoto, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Background: For the past 20 years I have been providing psychotherapy with young children, teens, adults, couples, families and consultation with parents, schools, teachers and organizations. I’ve earned a doctorate of clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University in northern California. This program has been invaluable to my work as a psychologist bringing awareness and sensitivity to the diversity of people, for example race, culture, socioeconomics, gender, sexual orientation and spirituality.

Therapeutic Approach: My therapeutic approach to therapy is predominately psychodynamic, client centered and relational. However, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness based techniques are often incorporated as well. Common concerns discussed in therapy are depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, abuse, death, losses, and major life transitions.

The therapeutic process begins by identifying a person’s symptoms, lifestyle, and behavioral pattern. I also take into account how one’s family upbringing and culture shape a person’s beliefs and values. The therapy relationship develops through empathizing and understanding the unique individual and their circumstances. By recognizing and understanding how these different aspects affect the way we make decisions and how we react, it starts to become clear when and where one feels stuck. These conflicts often present as anxiety, depression, addictions, obsessions, compulsions, etc. The transformative process in therapy occurs when awareness and the practice of new ways of thinking and responding are accomplished. This is where my expertise and insights can be utilized to help a person achieve a more gratifying and productive lifestyle.

I also use play therapy with children to work through anxiety, depression or trauma. Play therapy is a process that helps children to experience their emotions and reframe their thoughts to build a stronger, more adaptive way of functioning. Collaboration with family, caretakers and other significant people in the child’s life is essential to support and empower the child.

I look forward to helping you develop better coping skills and a more pleasurable way of relating with others and experiencing your life.