Licensed Psychologist

Alex Sanchez, Psy.D.

Therapeutic Approach: I have been providing psychotherapy and therapeutic behavioral services since 2002. During that time, I have been able to help people struggling with an entire spectrum of problems, ranging from problems with their romantic relationships to struggles with getting out of bed in the morning because they no longer want to live.

People are complex, and we all cope with suffering in different ways. When a person comes to me for help, I like to work collaboratively with them to help them get to the bottom of what is going on. Once we have a deep understanding of what has been happening, we work together to develop tools, strengths, or strategies to get them to the place in life where they want to be. Using this process, I have seen people overcome their anxiety of leaving their houses, mollify anger that used to ruin relationships, regain the self-esteem that they needed to set boundaries in their relationships, and more. 

I work from a person-centered, relational approach, but I will also develop behavioral plans and use a Cognitive-Behavioral approach when a situation calls for it. I believe that a person’s mental health is greatly affected by their environment, and I like to work with families or other groups that affect a person’s psychological functioning whenever possible. I have witnessed how a toxic environment can lead otherwise healthy, functioning individuals to suffer and perform far below their capacity. As such, I believe that people truly are the top experts of their own lives. My job is to understand that person as best as I can and to mobilize their strengths to overcome their challenges. 

Background: I am a licensed Psychologist and an alumni of Brown University, where I studied Psychology and Pre-medicine. I earned both my Masters Degree and my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute. In conjunction with my work as a therapist, I teach a class at Golden Gate University in San Francisco on Community Mental Health. I am also part of a collaborative project run by the Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center aimed at developing a center for furthering the education of established mental health professionals in the provision of therapy in community-based settings. Before arriving at the Crossroads Institute, I was a clinical supervisor and therapist at the Hume Center, working with severe mental illness for over seven years. At various times during my tenure, I ran the Partial-Hospitalization Program, the Outpatient Program, helped establish and run the Program Evaluation and Research Department, and ran didactic seminars training graduate-level clinicians in providing therapy. Before that, I was the first employee at Community Options for Families and Youth and established their Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) program. While at Community Options, I provided behavioral services for families with children that were at risk of being removed from the home by the legal system. The work was done in homes, schools, and in the community-at-large.

In addition to my work in Community Mental Health settings, I have training and experience in clinical assessment, and in a hospital setting with Autistic children. My assessment reports were used in court to help the homeless obtain SSDI services, and in Child and Family Services placement hearings. With regard to the treatment of Autism, I am experienced with both ABA and Floortime Play Therapy approaches.

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